Monday, March 11, 2013

Busy Life/ Healthy Life :)

So today was another chapter in my new wave of healthy living. The goal this month is 8 pounds to lose so I am working on eating healthy, cooking at home, and making good decisions when I am out to eat with family or friends. That is probably the most important element to all of this is that I am allowed to have a social life, as long as I make good decisions when I am out and about. 

I am doing no soda, no bread items, no sugar, and clean eating again. I put wheat items back into my diet for a little while and my progress slowed down quite a bit so I am pulling them out for good and sticking to fruits, veggies, and lean proteins. Let me tell you, I miss baking, so I will be researching some more vegan/gluten and sugar free options of cooking/baking since I enjoy doing that. Meat veggies and fruits are so much easier to eat :) baking with restrictions is crazy hard, so I will probably only do it when I really get the urge :) Then I'll let Alan eat all of it, unless it is diet friendly. 

I have been working out :) I finally went back to balboa classes and will be returning to pole classes this week. I have been doing home workouts as well :) Today was a little bit of everything- 
25 pilates leg lifts both sides
25 side crunches
50 regular crunches
25 leg up crunches
20 leg lifts 
30 reps bicep curls 8 lbs each arm
20 tricep extensions 16 lbs
100 Squats- adding weight tomorrow

Tomorrow is also a cardio day because I am starting the C25K program. That is the Couch to 5 K program... I will be doing it at the gym since I am registered for a couple 5Ks for this year :) Whoo Hoo Here are just a couple pics of ones that I am registered for:

I am sure I will add some more as I find them. My goal is to do at least 5 this year :) Even if I have to walk them, I am going to do it!! Anyways! I hope everyone is doing well and that all of your progress is going well! 

Love yourself always, 

Corinne K. 

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