Friday, February 22, 2013

Day 42- Calm, peaceful and ready for the weekend!!

So I am just updating real quickly for today. I have Rocky Mountain Balboa and Pole classes this weekend. I am also going to try and get the house cleaned and restore order to my household. Alan and I have been eating really well all week and I have been getting in mini workouts every day. I have found a pattern of slipping them in at lunch and doing a quick 30 minute ab, squat, lunge, and weights workout. It is pretty awesome. Also I am slipping in little weight workouts during the day while I am sitting on conference calls. Here is a fitsperation for today, nothing too crazy just keeping going on this healthy lifestyle:

Breakfast: Coffee with sugar free non dairy carmel creamer Fruit smoothie with coconut milk and vanilla greek yogurt. I put a cup of peach, strawberry, mango, and pineapple froze fruit in it and mixed it. 
Snack: String Cheese
Lunch: Salad with sugar free raspberry vinaigrette, chicken, avocado, spinach, iceberg lettuce, carrots, and bacon bits. 
Snack: Vegan chocolate chip pumpkin bite, Apple
Dinner: Homemade meatloaf with salad and corn

Workout- 50 bicep curls (each arm)
100 squats
25 sit-ups, leg lifts, and bicycles
20 tricep extensions (each arm)
30 minutes cardio on the treadmill
50 weighted lunges each side

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