Saturday, February 23, 2013

Day 43- Pole, Balboa, and Homemade Chili YUM!

Day 43 on this Journey, and I do have to say, it is pretty fantastic. I spent all day eating well, working out and seeing some people that I haven't seen in quite a while thanks to the broken ankle and bum back. Thankfully those things seem to be doing very well and so I got through the 4 hours of dance classes pretty easily with only slight flair ups in the bionic ankle :) Anyways, let's take a look at today and see how it played out...
Real fast, inspiration for today. I took the basic balboa classes and did very well in them :) So I am going to...

Breakfast: Everything bagel from Einsteins with veggie cream cheese. It was delicious and exactly what I needed this morning. 
Had an hour of Pole dancing this morning with Missie. There wasn't any intro people there so it was like getting a private lesson with Missie. We worked on so many new and cool tricks. I really love all of theses classes! Then it was time to head to Balboa. 
Lunch: Chicken tacos and a diet pepsi :) 
Took 3 hours of classes with some wonderful instructors at Rocky Mountain Balboa Blowout! 

Snack: Honey Crisp Apple
Stopped by the Turn to drop off some things for the Venue Manager, picked up my hoodie and then headed home to spend time with Alan and eat dinner.

Dinner: Homemade chili with cheddar cheese. (Alan made it especially spicy, but it was awesome!)

Drank a ton of water today and feel really good about what I chose to ate :) No time to write anything else I am exhausted and I have a whole day tomorrow that I need to be rested up for. Thanks for all of the support everyone! 

Love yourself always, 

Corinne K. 

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