Friday, February 15, 2013

Week Recap :) Changing it up!

Alright so I will admit, I have not been blogging the way I should have this last week :) So let me update you on my week, what I have been eating, where I have gone and all the amazing progress I have made! 
I left for my grandparent's last week and went for the whole weekend. We spent a lot of time shopping, walking around, and eating. Now before you jump to any conclusions, I monitored what I ate, Mom and I packed healthy foods, and I made good decisions when we stopped. I even was able to purchase some new jeans while I was out there- Size 12!! OH YEA!!!! 

I did have a diet coke here and there, but it was acceptable, nothing crazy, I didn't go off and binge eat or drink while I was in New Mexico. 

We came home on Monday and I got a mini workout in, just some abs and push ups (20 push-ups, 25 flat,  25 leg up, open, and flat, and 25 bicycle sit-ups Whole series done two times. 25 leg raises, and 20 hammer reps of my 8 lb weights). Alan and I went out to eat to celebrate me being home- I did have a piece of Old Chicago Pizza and a beer (So delicious!!). 
I had a workout wednesday, took yesterday off, and then worked out today... 

So for lack of a better explanation, this week was pretty crazy busy, as many of you know that it has been the week of love AKA Valentine's Day. I have been fighting the candy urge, but have had a couple little cheats this week. I made a really healthy dinner last night for Valentine's- Balsamic chicken with peppers, onions, and served over brown rice. I also made dessert- Peanut Butter and chocolate chip blondies. Alan and I opened and shared a bottle of wine too, which was fantastic. Today it was back to the sweaty grind!

I started today out with something like this just to get me in the mood:

My workout consisted of 20 minutes on the treadmill, with an incline :) I was sweating and feeling great, then it was weight lifting time. Bench press- 90 lbs 8 reps 4 times, 90 lb lat pull downs 10 reps 4 times, Hammer pulls 40lbs 8 reps 4 times,  hip flexor 110 lbs 20 reps 3 times,  110 lb leg extensions 8 reps 4 times. 50 150 Lb leg press

Abs- 50 on stability ball, 50 laying on the floor, 20 leg raises each side, 50 crunches. 

It felt amazing!!! I am back on track and can't wait to go to Pole dancing and xxx tomorrow. It is going to be such a great feeling so look for another post tomorrow! Just remember:

Love yourself always, 

Corinne K. 

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