Monday, January 21, 2013

Day 19- 3 hours of Ass kicking... then homework

Oh boy, day 19 and man was it a doozy of a day :) I look back and see where I was two weeks ago, and I am amazed at my outlook on life, how inspiring others are to me, and how much I appreciate the individuals that are in my life. They all are truly supportive of this lifestyle change, and I can honestly say that every single one of them pushes me to be better, to eat better, and just to love and be proud of myself. Anyways here is my fitspiration for the day:

I can do this! 

Breakfast- Woke up late today and ran around getting ready to run to hang out with my mother. Ate an apple on my way there and drank a liter of water. 

Lunch- My mom took me to sweet tomatoes and I had a roasted vegetables and feta salad with balsamic vinegar dressing. I added eggs and sunflower seeds to it so I got a little extra protein. I also had a small bowl of chocolate and vanilla swirl frozen yogurt. 

Mom and I went shopping at T.J. Max and Whole Foods ( That place is expensive) I picked some vegan chocolate up for Sarah since she is changing her life too and I wanted to be supportive. I also picked up these inspirational tumbler glasses that have amazing sayings on them- I will post pics tomorrow. 

Headed to Sleek and Flexy Physique at 4pm with Sarah B and pumped some weights. Really felt the burn and then headed to intro to pole :) Want to see some of the things we do in class? Check out this video: 
That is one of our instructors and she is just freaking amazing, some of this stuff is advanced, but you can get the idea :) 

Dinner- Headed to Panera and got the asian chicken salad without the wonton strips. Then headed back to class for Pole 1/2.... I am pretty sure my arms are going to fall off... I got new shoes though and got to try them out in class!! They make my butt and legs look fantastic. I think all the working out and butt kicking helps. 

Came home and did homework and had a apple and a handful of cashews and had another liter of water. Now it is time for my well deserved bed... Good Night everyone! All suggestions welcome!

Love yourself always, 

Corinne K. 

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