Saturday, January 26, 2013

Day 25- Abs Abs and more Abs!!

Today was a very busy day. I woke up early, showered and ran around getting ready to not only go and babysit, but also go out to lunch with the girls from the old neighborhood. I even managed to get in a workout today, so I am feeling pretty good about myself. I will share what I tried baking today too, many of you may be quite surprised by it. 

Breakfast- Tall skinny vanilla latte from starbucks and an apple, not the healthiest meal in the entire world. 

Lunch- Filet salad, had tomatoes, italian dressing, rare filet strips, blue cheese crumbles,  onions, and bacon. 

Workout tonight looked like this:
10 jumping jacks
5 knee jumps tucking to chest
25 squats

Dinner- Apple, bowl of popcorn, hand full of blackberries and... Blackbean brownie... that's right everyone black bean brownies, check out the recipe here:

It was such a busy day and I am so ready to head to bed, so please enjoy the recips, make sure you puree the black beans and the sugar can be replaced with honey. The brownies had no wheat and no refined sugar in my recipe so it was on my diet and quelled my chocolate sweet tooth :) Enjoy everyone!!!

Fitspiration for today:

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